Exclusive Member Deals http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/categories/exclusive-member-deals Sat, 17 Mar 2018 16:48:02 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Extreme Leadership Seminar http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/extreme-leadership-serminar http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/extreme-leadership-serminar
FREE For CCBC MEMBERS For More Information Contact: Richards Lyon 083 625 7721 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]]>
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OLD MUTUAL INVEST TAX FREE PLAN http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/old-mutual-invest-tax-free-plan http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/old-mutual-invest-tax-free-plan
Imagine the peace of mind that comes from having an investment that allows you to save for your dreams and goals, gives you access to your money at an...]]>
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Destinata Section 12J Fund http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/destinata-section-12j-fund http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/destinata-section-12j-fund
Click here for more information Contact Atterbury Court (Pentagon House) 669 Plettenberg Street Faerie Glen, Pretoria Gauteng Contact Number(s): ...]]>
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GET EDUCATED FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/get-educated http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/get-educated
LEARN MORE   CONTACT US Tel: +27 (0)12 807 3990 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. http://www.cranefield.ac.za/ ADMINISTRATION Cranefield House  ...]]>
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NEW POLO TSI 1.0 COMFORTLINE http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/new-polo-tsi-1-0-comfortline http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/march/new-polo-tsi-1-0-comfortline
1ST INSTALLMENT IN JUNE   Enquire Now on this Special Offer (CLICK HERE) Only at Participating Dealership 72 Months, 30% Balloon, 0% Deposit Term...]]>
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Certificate of Origin http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/january/certificate-of-origin-1 http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/january/certificate-of-origin-1
NEED A CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN? The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is your nearest Point of Contact for the issuing of your Certificate of Origin ...]]>
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VW Menlyn | T6 Kombi Special http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/vw-menlyn-t6-kombi-special http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/vw-menlyn-t6-kombi-special
At your service, Jaun Marais - Dealer Principal McCarthy Volkswagen Menlyn Tel:    012 470 8700 Cell:   082 879 8712 Fax:  &n...]]>
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PURCHASE YOUR USED VW GOLF GTI AT VW Menlyn http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/purchase-your-used-vw-golf-gti-at-vw-menlyn http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/purchase-your-used-vw-golf-gti-at-vw-menlyn
Click Here For More Deals Only at Participating Dealership Terms and Conditions apply. From Only R239 995  Ref: 24819 Contact Details & Tradi...]]>
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B-BBEE Effective Implementation Enterprise Supplier Development http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/february/b-bbee http://ccbc.co.za/b2b-deals/february/b-bbee

Dear Business Associate ActionCOACH Pieter du Plessis and his team (Level 2, 51% Black Owned) can assist with your effective and timely implement...]]>
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