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Clean City

Reduce the waste you produce:Avoid over-packaged products, such as plastic-wrapped vegetables in polystyrene trays.

Buy in bulk, as this gives you more products and less packaging. Buy refills and concentrates - these usually involve less packaging. Buy local South African products. Choose products that have not been heavily processed. Try to buy only what you need. Choose durable items rather than products that will soon need replacing. Repair broken items, or pay someone to repair them for you. Make your own gifts and gift wrap instead of always buying new items. Printing using both sides of the paper saves money on buying paper and on storage and postage. Only print what is necessary: for example, information on fax or printer cover sheets is usually unnecessary or can be included in the main document. Make electronic copies accessible. When an electronic database or document is more "accessible" than a paper version, people often choose to print less, thus saving paper.2. Re-use items before they become waste:


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Thursday, 25 April 2019

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