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ABE Fire Consultant (Member)

1011 Pretorius Ave, Lyttelton Manor, , , 0157

Telephone082 730 1782

Welcome to ASESA   Active Service Excellence South Africa (ASESA) has been operating as a toll free hotline service provider since 1999. The hotline is designed to gather valuable intelligence, concerning service related deviations that impact negativ ...

Telephone012 547 6243
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

Beauco Security (Member)

1011 Pretorius Ave, Lyttelton Manor, ,

Telephone061 339 6278

WHO ARE WE Beehive OH&S assists businesses to conform to the requirements of the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) of 1993. The Act applies to all offices and work areas, and companies found by the Department of La ...

Telephone012 376 4184 / 072 594 5989
Size of BusinessLarge

Telephone(012) 771-2702
Size of BusinessMedium and Small


32 Van Tonder St, , , 0157

Telephone012 666 8717

CGS Corporate Security Services

505 General De Wet Str, , , 0182

With over 25 years of operation experience, CGS Corporate Security Services has extensive experience in all segments of the market and is among the most preeminent security companies in South Africa. Our team of exceptional professional work in close par ...

Telephone012 546 9483
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

CSI Africa

05 Braam Pretorius Street, , , 0129

Private Forensic Investigation - Pretoria, Gauteng Pretoria-based CSI Africa was established in 2002. We are driven to promote honesty and increased efficiency in the workplace by assisting companies and individuals with our in-house expertise and access ...

Telephone(086) 127-4911
Size of BusinessMedium and Small


250 Braam Pictoruis Street, , , 0182

We have a reputation for introducing performance based design approaches in locations where such designs have not been applied before. Our Fire Engineering experience can deliver state of the art design advice. Fire safety engineering is a rapidly develop ...

Category Fire Safety
Telephone010 010 7154 / 012 663 1362
Size of BusinessMicro

IST HSE Solution

208 Catharina Drive,, , , 0083

IST HSE Solutions Provides a host of health, safety & wellness services with value added benefits via its own internal resources and in partnership with a number of specialist service providers.We strive to meet excellence in our service delivery and ...

Telephone(012) 803-4241
Size of BusinessLarge

Malakoot Asset Risk Protection

250 Braam Pretorius Street, , , 0150

MALAKOOT ASSET RISK PROTECTION was founded in 2013. The company’s value- added services are marked by professionalism and quality – with a client base consisting of Embassies, Residential Estates, Warehouses, Factories and Business Parks. We are a proudl ...

Mapogo Shield (Member)

1011 Pretorius Ave, Lyttelton Manor, ,

Telephone012 679 5011

 Welcome To Mercfire Extinguisher Services Breaking out of the habit is the number one priority in your fire safety strategy. Good housekeeping, including some simple steps such as banning smoking, testing electrical appliances, removing electrical heate ...

Telephone012 549 0396 / 082 892 2170
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

We provide Cutting edge Electronic CCTV Security Systems catered to the customers own specific needs We are know for our dedicated service, hands-on management and affordable rates with many years of experience in the security industry. Mooirivier Beskerm ...

Telephone(012) 546-0373
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

Omega Risk Solutions

304 Orient Street Arcadia Pretoria, , , 0007

Omega Risk Solutions was established by a consortium of risk management experts who are passionate about providing advanced, integrated security solutions to their clients. The management team offers international security management experience gained in ...

Telephone012 361 0620
Size of BusinessCorporate

Telephone012 687 5022

Pinnacle - Occupational Safety & Health Services Pinnacle Occupational Safety and Health Services was established in May 2009 by a group of dedicated Occupational Health and Safety practitioners to establish an organisation that is able to deliver qu ...

Telephone(083) 581-7354
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

Category Forensics
Telephone(012) 543-6400
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

Unit Four Security

4396 Temba Industrial, ,

Telephone(012) 717-2296
Size of BusinessMedium and Small


Telephone(083) 200-8093
Size of BusinessMedium and Small

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