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August 2017


Philippians 2:9-11 (NLT): "Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

Chinese Broadcasts in LA

FEBC Vietnam

Reaching North Korea


Pray with us for the following:   

FEBC Chinese Ministries

Tue 1 – Pray for the Liangyou Theological Seminary as they equip the Chinese people to become pastors and ministers of the Word of God through their seminars.

Wed 2 – Please pray for the programmers who developed multiple new platforms to spread the gospel. The daily broadcast now reaches more than 26 ethnic people groups in the Southwest region of China.

Thu 3 – According to official statistics, the population of Mobile Internet users in China is 600 million people, nearly half the population. Pray that the Lord will inspire the team with new ideas and strategies as they use mobile apps to reach these people.

Fri 4 – Please pray that the Lord will call more people to help in reaching the numerous ethnic minorities in Yunnan, China. Pray that He will send people to help distribute SD cards.

Sat 5 – Please pray for the FEBC International stations which daily produce 33.5 hours of programs for the Chinese people.

FEBC USA – Chinese Broadcasts into US community

Sun 6 WEEKLY SUMMARY: Recently FEBC launched its first Mandarin-language broadcasts to Chinese listeners in the greater Los Angeles area on AM 900. The aim is to reach a large segment of recent Chinese immigrants in Southern California who only speak Mandarin. The show, called “Knowing You”, airs weekly from 8 pm till 9 pm daily and from 1 pm till 2 pm on Sundays. Join us as we pray for these broadcasts and for the many new listeners. Pray that they will accept Christ through listening to our broadcasts.

Mon 7 – Pray for our team of broadcasters at AM 900 who are working arduously to create and produce insightful broadcasts that will effectively reveal Christ to this community.

Tue 8 – Please pray for the producers, that God will inspire their program content and give them the determination and perseverance they need to function in excellence.

Wed 9 – Please pray that the Lord will send skillful people to support their ministry in Los Angeles and for all around financial provision.

Thu 10 – Even though these people may be surrounded by Western culture, they still draw near to their national identity which includes the practice of Buddhism. Pray that the community will have an encounter with Christ and receive salvation.

Fri 11 – In every community there are needs – please pray that the team will be inspired with practical ideas to address the specific needs of the people through their broadcasts.

Sat 12 – At the start of a new project there are always challenges - pray that God’s favour will rest upon the team to see them through, protect them and guide them in their daily duties.

FEBC Vietnam

Sun 13WEEKLY SUMMARY: Vietnam is a country of 92 million people, most of who live in suffocating poverty. With less than 2% knowing Jesus, millions may die without ever hearing of God’s eternal plans for them. To seize these God-given opportunities that will expand our reach into dark corners where Christ is opposed, the gospel is repressed and believers are regularly persecuted by the authorities and even their own families - they need our prayers to cover these Christians in Vietnam. Pray with us for the work FEBC does to reach into Vietnam with broadcasts.

Mon 14 – Pray that the 20 ethnic minority language programs will touch the hearts and lives of the people and that new programs will be developed in more minority languages for communities who are still unreached.

Tue 15 – Please pray for our team in the United States that continues to develop programs which are then sent to the Philippines to be broadcasted into Vietnam.

Wed 16 – As a nation battling poverty, it is filled with broken homes where families are torn apart. Please pray that the Lord will bring restoration to these families.

Thu 17 – With several minority groups scattered in remote areas, it is only through radio that they might ever come to know Christ. Pray that the Lord will continue to bless FEBC’s ministry there.

Fri 18 – Please pray that God will inspire the program content for these Vietnamese broadcasts, that this will truly touch their troubled hearts and change their lives forever.

Sat 19 – Please pray for the thousands of Christians living under persecution in Vietnam. Pray for their safety and that God will strengthen their faith.

FEBC Korea – Reaching North Korea

Sun 20WEEKLY SUMMARY: North Korea's Kim II Sung who ruled in the 1970's, made his followers swear to follow him, and only him and thus created a “Juche” ideology which promotes the belief in self-reliance. Those who refused to follow him and renounce their own religious beliefs were executed, or deported to remote concentration camps. As a result of this, the then established Christian churches, have ceased completely or now operate underground. Join us in prayer this week as we pray for the team who produces broadcasts for the people and the families who are persecuted. Pray that the Lord will bring North Korea into a new era of religious freedom.

Mon 21 – Please pray for our team on Jeju Island in South Korea, the main station from which programs are broadcasted into North Korea. Pray that the Lord will grant them passage to reach more people.

Tue 22 – Pray for the families that profess Christ. Pray that the Lord will protect and guide them in spite of the persecution that they might be facing.

Wed 23 – Pray that the Lord will bless FEBC’s ministry in this nation and enable them to reach areas that are under heavy surveillance by the government.

Thu 24 – Pray for our broadcasters who risk their lives life and the lives of their loved ones back home as the broadcast into North Korea.

Fri 25 – Outside news sources and other forms of information are strictly forbidden. For most, the radio is the only medium through which they might ever hear the gospel. Pray that the Lord will bring a breakthrough through FEBC’s radio ministry in this oppressed nation.

Sat 26 – Pray for this listener, who was imprisoned for marrying a Chinese man. She began listening to FEBC’s broadcasts and said that through these broadcasts her entire family came to know Christ.

FEBC Cambodia

Sun 27WEEKLY SUMMARY: Currently we have the opportunity to expand our reach to the most remote provinces in Cambodia. Earlier this year 289 speaker boxes were distributed to 14 villages and nine communes of Takeo, Koh Kong and Kompong Som provinces. Pray that these people’s hearts will be touched and lead to accept Christ through FEBC’s programs and that many more unsaved people will be reached this year.

Mon 28 – Earlier this year 51 speaker boxes were distributed by our team to two remote villages in the Koh Kong province in Southwest Cambodia. Pray that these people will receive salvation by listening to the programs.

Tue 29 – Pray with us for the Cambodian team who are working to reach out to the most remote areas of their nation. Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen and inspire them.

Wed 30 – Recently FEBC reached out to the families of prisoners. Many wives of prisoners have young children who don’t know their fathers because they are in jail. Pray that the Lord will sustain these families.

Thu 31 – FEBC Cambodia’s Voice of Love studio has recently undergone renovations and installed new equipment to improve the overall quality of the broadcasts produced. Pray for the technicians that worked hard to ensure the project’s success.


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