The persistent power outages that have been plaguing the residents of Lotus Gardens, towards the west of the city, will soon be a thing of the past, with  the City of Tshwane set to supply a satellite electrical substation in the next financial year.


Currently, Lotus Gardens gets its electricity from the Zebra and Atteridgeville substations. There are four lines supplying the area, one line coming from the Zebra substation and the other three lines from the Atteridgeville substation.


Under normal circumstances, two of the four lines are able to supply the normal load to Lotus Gardens. However, as we approach winter, three lines need to be activated to be able to take the area load in case the load increases above the capacity of two lines.


Last week, the theft of copper cables at the Atteridgeville substation affected the electricity supply to Lotus Gardens. The stolen cables affected three lines that feed Lotus Gardens. After the theft the remaining cable popped due to overload, hence the residents were without power for a few consecutive days.


But a long-term solution is now in sight. The City's Utility Services has resolved to change the position of the cable so as to supply a satellite substation that in turn will supply electricity to Lotus Gardens. This solution will be implemented in the next financial year, starting in July 2017. Utility Services will be engaging with SANRAL to get permission and/or approval to cross the N4 highway between Atteridgeville and Lotus Gardens.


The MMC for Utility Services, Cllr Darryll Moss, said he was delighted at the prospect of the residents of Lotus Gardens having a permanent solution to their power outage problems.


"No longer will the people of Lotus Gardens go for days without power as a result of transformer overload, especially now going into the winter period. In the next financial year, a permanent solution will be implemented. When we promised improved service delivery, it was not an empty slogan," Moss said.

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