The City of Tshwane's MMC for Environmental Management, Councillor Michael Mkhari, wishes to express his gratitude to the teams that toiled tirelessly at the weekend to clear the waste management backlog. He also apologises to residents for the inconvenience caused.


For the past week or so, there were problems with refuse collection due to a series of disruptions and trashing of the city by a group calling itself the "Business Forum". This group also blocked access to landfill sites across Tshwane.


Early on Friday morning, various parts of the city were trashed by individuals operating under the banner of the so-called Business Forum, whose objective is clearly to interrupt services and to render the city ungovernable.


The City of Tshwane is continuing with efforts to clear the waste collection backlog and to clean the filth arising from the actions of the Business Forum. The disruptions were carried out under the pretext that no business opportunities had been given to them by the Municipality.


"If there are areas where waste has not been collected or skipped, please alert the City through the ward councillors and our customer care centre so that we can attend to them. Various teams across the city worked over the weekend until late at night to clear the backlog. The problems of waste collection were not as a result of poor service delivery, but these were deliberate actions by people whose agenda is evidently to disrupt provision of services to the residents of Tshwane," Councillor Mkhari said.


In order to ensure transparency in the acquisition of services, the current administration has aligned itself with an open tendering system. This means that a service provider gets awarded a contract through a fair bidding competition. In this case, the City granted a contract to a service provider that qualified, whereas the Business Forum wants its members to receive contracts without following due process.


In the recent meeting that the Business Forum held with Councillor Mkhari, they threatened to grind the City's waste collection operations to a halt.


Councillor Mkhari also said: "We wish to thank our residents for their patience and understanding in these trying times and also our teams who sacrificed their weekends to prioritise service delivery under very difficult circumstances."

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