6 May 3
 Helpful tools for chambers
 Good day Colleague

We had requests from Chambers to assist with tools to help them host:
1. Online network meetings for their members, click on https://youtu.be/wngVHExPDdc?t=1251 for an example of a networking meeting hosted on behalf of the Friday Business Club in Pretoria.
2. Online webinars with keynote speakers. Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) requested that we help them with a webinar with two keynote speakers for their members. This was done with functionalities for their members to download pre-, during- and post conference documents, video clips and sound clips; the functionality to ask questions or share ideas with the ability to track the history of contributions, and online meeting with breakaway rooms.
 Click on "download pictures" on the top righthand of this mailer to view a screenshot of the webspace layout:
 30 April C

3. Online workspace for the Chamber Executive to develop Chamber plans; invite experts to assist; schedule events; have online Executive meetings and store files and documents. Below is a screenshot of a secure Chamber workspace:

30 April D


Attached please find 2 documents outlining the benefits, income potential and costs of:
• The GoLabbing collaborative online webspace, and
• The GrowSA online conferencing solution

Should you require any additional information, let me know.

Yours sincerely

 Download document


Download document

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