Established in 2008, the Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is a recognized Chamber of Commerce working for the success of the Business Community in the Capital City (Pretoria/Tshwane).


As indicated by our slogan – “Your Business, Our Priority” – we pride ourselves in addressing the needs of all sizes of business, be it a Small-, Medium-, Large- or Corporate Business with focus on the following:


We promote Marketing and Networking amongst our members by...


We position ourselves to be a Source of Information & Support to Business via...

  • Our CitiExec Forum: Quarterly engagement between the City Leadership and Industry Leaders to discuss strategies to successfully build and promote the Capital City;
  • The CCBC’s   Property Development Forum (PDF) where Property Developers meet with the City Manager’s Office on property development matters. The PDF also facilitates meetings between Developers and relevant Departments to ensure the streamlining of the approval of specific projects such as the precinct planning of the one-kilometre radius around the Centurion Gautrain Station;
  • Industrial Forums with Bi-Monthly meetings between the City of Tshwane and Industry on service delivery matters, e.g. the Rosslyn Business Forum; Ga-Rankuwa Industrial Forum, etc;
  • WhatsApp Groups per area linking Businesses with the relevant Local Municipal Authorities.

We have a dedicated focus on Creating Opportunities within the Capital City...

Our strategy is focussed on Enterprise Development opportunities to be created around new developments taking place throughout the City. This unique strategy involves a six-step process as per diagram. Follow LINK: https://ccbc.co.za/creating-opportunities/growsa-model

  • Community Baseline Assessment
  • Compiling of a Project Opportunity Register (Services and Products required)
  • Capacity Gap Analysis
  • Creating of a Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Establishing of an Incubation Hub
  • Project Implementation Strategy. 

The most exciting part is that the CCBC collaborates with the GrowSA Foundation Trust as Enterprise Development platform to facilitate the effective spend of CSI-funding on sustainable enterprise development. Contributing companies qualify for the relevant BEE-certificates as well as tax benefits stipulated in Section 30C of the Act.

Property Developers and related stakeholders as part of new developments are welcome to contact us for support on effective community involvement and sustainable enterprise development processes.


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The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is an innovative organization working for the success of the Business Community in the Capital City (Pretoria/Tshwane) of South Africa

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Tel: 012 542 1308