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CCBC Profile 2022



Established in 2008, the Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is a recognized Chamber of Commerce working for the success of the Business Community in the Capital City (Pretoria/Tshwane).

Our slogan – “Your Business, Our Priority” – clearly defines our pride in addressing the needs of all sizes of business, be it a Small-, Medium-, Large- or Corporate Business with focus on the following:

  • a. Creating a Marketing and Networking Environment
  • b. A Source of Information & Support to Business c. Creating Opportunities for All.


These past two years, the challenges due to the Pandemic and accompanying lockdown, has resulted in economic decline that has negatively impacted the business community and the employment in Tshwane and the Country. Working within our three (3) Focus areas, the CCBC developed various initiatives to assist to mitigate the impact experienced.


A model creating a structured platform for collaboration between Government and Captains of Industry, based on the following three pillars:

• Knowing the Capital - creating a Business Eco-system of all businesses operating within the City; identifying and understanding the needs of business per industry; determining opportunities for growth; promoting local by putting “Tshwane First” and saluting our City’s uniqueness and success stories;

• Investing in the Capital - Unlocking of Business opportunities per Industry; Create an environment conducive for business; Drive economic recovery strategies such as “Made in Tshwane” to promote localisation; Create visible change via “Adopt a Spot”; “Establishing of City Improvement Districts and be ready to accommodate new investors; and

• Creating opportunities for all citizens within the Capital - Create a Sustainable Development Model inclusive of Agri- and Construction Hubs; Promote Capital City events such as the Tshwane Trade & Investment Summit, the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum and Capitalize on the existing “Landmark Calendar”.

“Building the Capital” as model has been endorsed by the Executive Mayor, who also made it clear that this initiative must be continuous (regardless of political changes). Where Implementation be driven via:

- “CitiBiz” - a structured platform inclusive of City Leadership and Captains of Industry to be facilitated by the CCBC through -

- specific Workstreams which fall in line with the three (3) Pillars of “Building the Capital” strategy and

- which also links into the “Made in Tshwane” strategy.


This initiative builds on the Business4SA National effort by focusing on the local manufacturing value chain, i.e.: a “Localization Strategy to Increase manufacturing within the City of Tshwane” by influencing existing supply chains and getting rid of stumbling blocks.

In support of this strategy a comprehensive and updated database of manufacturers per sector within the 7 Regions of Tshwane is being conducted. The outcome will include an accurate outline per business/manufacturer of:

a. The nature,

b. Location (Industrial areas/parks),

c. Goods and services,

d. Import and export profile, as well as

e. Opportunities for localisation.

With desired outcomes of:

• Increased levels of investment into the manufacturing value chain

• Increase enterprise development and employment opportunities

• Increased competitiveness for local manufacturers

• Increased exports

• Increased economic growth and development.

The initiative includes relevant Key Partners:

• City of Tshwane Department of Economic Development and Spatial Planning

• Tshwane Economic Development Agency


• Productivity SA

• Tshwane Business Forum (TBF) as collective of various Business Formations in the City

• Financial Institutions (Standard Bank, etc) as enablers

• Government funding agencies

• PwC in an advisory capacity

• Service Industry Strategic Partners, e.g.: Insurance; Business Services; etc.

• Other parties that may be consulted as per demand by the situation (Labour, Local Community, Proudly SA, etc).


Sustainable energy is one of the primary drivers of business competitiveness, as energy insecurity and interruptions has a destructive consequence on business and economic viability.

As has become internationally recognized, sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy can only be achieved via the transition of Fossil fuel base to renewable generation technologies. This is essential for business to have a competitive financial advantage and ensure continuity in operation.

The CCBC works together with all relevant Stakeholders, inclusive of government, corporate and industrial business, in facilitating the development of a platform(s) that will drive strategies towards the implementation of a Carbon Neutral business environment. This will also assist in managing the destructive effect that energy price volatility and supply interruption has on the business community.


Established in collaboration with the City Of Tshwane Department of Economic Development and Spatial Planning. The collaboration is supported by a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the City Manager and with the primary objectives:

• To develop and advance collaborative dialogue with the City of Tshwane in an atmosphere of mutual respect to address and solve institutional and procedural challenges to unlock and unblock property development opportunities and expedite the implementation thereof;

• To act as the primary spokesperson on behalf of partaking property developers and related role players in relation to property development matters;

• To improve the investment attractiveness of Tshwane and to stimulate economic growth and socio-economic development;

• To retain investment and position Tshwane competitively despite the ever-changing economic climate and legislative environment;

• To participate in all decision-making and other processes that affect the general interests of property developers and related role players in Tshwane.

• To initiate the development of a formal entity to drive Catalytic Projects and ultimately property development within the Capital City – inclusive of property developers, landlords, property management, etc..


To further assist with supporting Business to remain profitable and sustainable, the CCBC looked at different ways of engaging business with one another. As such, we have created a virtual E-commerce Mall for businesses within the Capital City to know, connect and do business with one another inclusive of:

• A Personalized layout of your own virtual shop/office inclusive of company logo; business profile; corporate marketing video; brochures & catalogues

• Own Ecommerce / Check-out function - Promote electronic transactions to the public/clients in buying directly from your virtual shop/office;

• Direct Sales - Become part of ongoing Exhibitions, Conferences and Webinars inclusive of great Networking opportunities at our interactive Friday Bizz Networks;

• Branding & Marketing - Promote your business by including the link to your virtual shop/office in all marketing material.


The most exciting part is that the CCBC collaborates with the GrowSA Foundation Trust as Enterprise Development platform to facilitate the effective spend of CSI-funding on sustainable enterprise development. Contributing companies qualify for the relevant BEE-certificates as well as tax benefits stipulated in Section 30C of the Act.

All initiatives and strategies support Enterprise Development opportunities to be created around new developments taking place throughout the City. This includes a six-step process:

• Community Baseline Assessment

• Compiling of a Project Opportunity Register (Services and Products required)

• Capacity Gap Analysis

• Creating of a Sustainable Development Strategy

• Establishing of an Incubation Hub

• Project Implementation Strategy.



The Capital City Business Chamber is affiliated to/collaborate with:

• TBF (Tshwane Business Forum) – a Collective of 10 Business Formations within Tshwane

• CitiOnline (Tshwane Business Digital Platform)

• GrowSA (Grow Southern Africa)

• SACCI (South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

• SBi (Small Business Institute).

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The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is an innovative organization working for the success of the Business Community in the Capital City (Pretoria/Tshwane) of South Africa

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