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Plans to develop Rosslyn into world class industrial hub

“If we can centralise all our services and suppliers, we will all benefit from upgraded infrastructure such as roads, alternative electrical sources, such as solar and hydrogen cycled power, and security.”


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Plans for developing a business hub in Rosslyn will help alleviate poverty in his ward, a local councillor believes.

“We are busy with plans to develop Rosslyn’s motor industry and the initiative behind it to create employment and boost the local economy, ” said ANC councillor of ward 37, Saki Stohla.

“We are looking at the possibility to build a mall, a hospital, and a harbour for big trucks. Trucks will not have to park along the road anymore.

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 ANC-councillor of ward 37 Saki Stohla. Photo: Odette Venter.


Stohla said to ease the traffic, the roads in the area will be improved.

“Plans also include a changing spot for trucks on the N4.”

Plans to develop Rosslyn as a world-class industrial hub, which has been in the pipeline for the past five years or so, are gaining momentum.

GrowSA is an NPO that facilitates economic growth and enterprise development within various business sectors operating in the country.

“It focuses on economic sectors with the potential to affect economic growth by increasing the productivity of the companies per sector, by driving innovation, stimulating new businesses and creating opportunities for micro, or small business, to grow by becoming part of the supply chain environment of large businesses,” said Zenobia Lock du Plessis, chairperson and spokesperson of GrowSA in Rosslyn.

“It serves as a platform where businesses, government and the community can liaise and strategise together in taking our economy to the next level,” she said.

Lock du Plessis said GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating platforms on local, provincial, national and regional levels where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.

“The phenomenal work in Rosslyn was driven in conjunction with Capital City Businesses Chamber (CCBC).”

Fanie du Plessis, a spokesperson and CEO of the CCBC, said role players met two weeks ago in Rosslyn and agreed to the establishment of the Rosslyn Improvement District as an interactive platform to steer the development of Rosslyn into becoming a world-class industrial hub.

“This decision was based on the work session held at the Automotive Industrial Development Centre (AIDC) in collaboration with CCBC, local government and prominent role players from businesses such as BMW, Nissan SA, Nampak and several others.

“Keen notice was taken of the recent visible changes on grass-cutting and cleaning as well as fixing of potholes within the area.”

He said exciting new developments will include the establishment of a satellite security hub and control room from where monitoring and rapid response will be co-ordinated among businesses, the TMPD and local police.

“Specific focus will also be placed on the establishment of an alternative green energy solution among all role players to not only address the stability of electricity supply, but to also work towards a zero-carbon footprint for the area.”

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Managing Director of ZF Lemförder South Africa (Pty) Ltd,

Ian Myburgh. Photo: supplied.


MD of ZF Lemförder South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Ian Myburgh, said the motor production industry is one of the biggest industries in the country, “and what we need is a world-class showpiece that overseas investors can visit for us to attract their investments”.

“We manufacture motor vehicle parts and have two factories, one in Rosslyn, and one in East London. We supply Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan and Ford, among other suppliers based in Ga-Rankuwa and Silverton. Rosslyn has a lot of potential because of its location being so central.

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                                                                                      Rosslyn industrial area. Photo: supplied.


“If we can centralise all our services and suppliers, we will all benefit from upgraded infrastructure such as roads, alternative electrical sources, such as solar and hydrogen-cycled power and security.”

He said the more services and suppliers concentrate in one area, the stronger the area becomes.

“We will all benefit from the said development and I look forward to a world-class work environment in a pleasant, beautified area.”










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